Tea and sympathy

Back in school I remember people telling me to “make the most of it now” because  “it only gets harder when you’ve got a job in the real world”. And in some ways this has been true. Getting to grips with the ups and downs of being an adult, not only holding down a job but climbing the career ladder as well and maintaining a good stable mental, social and wellbeing standard. Sometimes it can all get a bit much! Cue the trustworthy friend, boyfriend or colleague with a cup of tea.


Tea for two and two for tea


We all need someone who we can let off steam with, whether it’s because we’ve had a rough day, are struggling with an emotional problem or just need to talk to someone. It’s so important, especially now that a lot of our lives are spent staring at computer/phone screens, that we get the right face to face contact with those we love and want to spend time with.

My favourite way to catch up with friends is over a cup of tea or with a breakfast, especially if I’m having a crazy week at work. It’s really good to ground yourself and get a bit of a reality check. It’s also important to see how your friends/loved ones are feeling. They may be going through the same thing as you, or have already been there and could offer some great advice and a sympathetic ear.


Tea, of the chilled, alcoholic variety

It can be tempting after a rubbish day at the office, or a really challenging week, to shut yourself away and spend the weekend on the sofa with Netflix and a glass of wine (or 4) but this won’t do anything for your wellbeing in the long run and might make it harder for you to open up to people when you eventually have to. I sometimes work weekends, as do my friends, so when we manage to coordinate a free day we make a point of a lazy brunch or an afternoon tea somewhere a bit special.

It’s good to re-group, especially on a week where I feel that I haven’t spoken to anyone who isn’t a colleague (completely immersed in work). Just think, it could cost as little as a cup of tea and the results are similar to a £100+ therapy session! You should always have some coping mechanisms that you can infallibly rely on when the going gets tough. whether that’s a good support network, a sport or honed inner strength, it’s so important to release that pressure valve.


What are your ways of letting off steam? Do you have a blog, sport, hobby, bestie that you go to as a fail-safe?


6 thoughts on “Tea and sympathy

  1. Hi! Just read through all your posts so far and I really enjoyed them! I let off my steam just by doing stuff that I’m passionate about, not things that are obligations or assignments. On different days this can be manifested in an intellectual conversation, an original poem, or jotting down some thoughts in a journal. Of course, I love tea too! 🙂

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