This blog is the product of 7 years working in the international relations sector and travelling for work and discovery across the globe. As a late 20-something girl working in a dynamic area, I thought it would be fun to share some of my experiences and tips for survival in the corporate world.

Making the jump from education to working environment was an eye-opener and there have, and continue to be, so many challenges, triumphs and laughs along the way.

It can be tough to establish yourself in a competitive environment, let alone find the space for your personality and character to shine through in your work. This blog covers lifestyle, fashion, travel and diplomacy (both in the office and out!) offering tips and anecdotes to give you food for thought.

Modern life means that we probably spend more time in the work place, and with colleagues, than we would with our loved ones – so you may as well have fun!

All the opinions and content in this blog are my own and, for privacy, my current employer and colleagues will not be named.