5 places I want to visit before I turn 30


It’s been a lifelong ambition of my partner to visit the land of the rising sun. Ever since we’ve been together he’s spoken about going there and has over time given me itchy feet for this very particular country and its many islands. Work has so far prevented us from taking a proper career break and going to explore the archipelago, but we’ve finally planned to visit Japan next year and will spend 3 weeks travelling around this exciting country.


So far, the opportunity to see Iceland has cropped up roughly x3 for me and each time there has been something in the way which meant that I was unable to go. Living in Europe you’d think this would be a fairly easy job jumping on the plane and going to see what the volcanic island has to offer, but, alas, no such luck. I can’t wait to go and see the the wild plains and bubbling springs of Iceland. Fingers crossed this happens, I definitely have this high up my priority list.


I’ve been to a few places in North America already, having family in the East of Canada has made things easier (in terms of renting a car and driving over the border to New York, Connecticut and Vermont etc.). Chicago comes highly recommended by colleagues and friends who have done multi-city visits to the USA and waxed lyrical about the culture, setting and culinary delights of the windy city! Hopefully I’ll manage to tick this off the list sometime soon… cameras – and big appetites  – at the ready!


A recent holiday to Madagascar has fuelled my intrigue for visiting other African countries. On a visit to a cocoa plantation I met a Belgian woman who told me that every year she spends 1 month travelling in a different African country – she has truly fallen head over heels for the continent. She doesn’t take any holidays in the year and saves all her annual leave for her great African escape. When I asked what her favourite place had been so far she said without a doubt Botswana. The fauna and flora being of stunning and abundant quality. I don’t know when I’ll fit this visit in but if I happen to have an extra couple of weeks leave (ha ha ha) or an extra couple of grand kicking about (even more ha ha ha’s) then this is somewhere I’d love to go.

Sicily and Sardinia

Having already spent time studying and working in Italy I am a die-hard fan of all things Italian, the people, the food, the country and the culture. It’s so varied and authentic – good for the soul! I know I’m not alone in my obsessive wanderlust for this country so any opportunity I can get to go back I grasp with my pale, sun-starved, desperate northern European hands!